The art of taking pictures has continued to evolve with time. Technological advancement has modernized the art of taking pictures by creating easy and instant accessibility to pictures. One of the latest advancements in pictures is the QR Code.

The QR code is the short form for Quick Response. QR are scan codes that can be easily read by a cell phone. A QR code is used to digitally store information that is accessible by scanning the code. There's no limit to the type of information you can store on a QR code. The information could be product description, Price, an address, or a URL, geo coordinates, etc.

QR Code is more advanced and offers more than the Barcode because QR codes can digitally hold more information. All you need to read a QR code is a smartphone with a QR code reader. QR codes are convenient, instant, and multifunctional.

Weddings are a special occasion in every culture, society, and country. Weddings are a moment of reunion for family members from all corners of the world, childhood friends, college friends, and relative. A picture is an important aspect of a marriage because it captures all the happy, funny, and emotional moments, and also help you preserve these memories.

QR codes is a perfect way to give your wedding pictures context, extra information, and an ambience that will entirely capture the memories and convey all the emotions an ordinary picture might not be able to convey.

You might be wondering what are the benefits of putting QR codes in your wedding pictures.

Here are the benefits of adding QR Codes to your wedding pictures:

  1. QR codes help you to perfectly capture the moment your wedding moments by including such details as the names of people, location, and time, etc. This way, you can easily remember all the facts and events surrounding the picture.

  2. QR codes allow you to insert any digital information inside the picture. So if you're curating your wedding album you can easily scan in a QR code of the songs, videos that are memorable to your relationship. Wedding pictures are taken to be shared with loved ones and the easiest way you to share your pictures with relatives, friends, and loved ones is by using QR codes. All you need to do is to send the QR codes to them and they can access the pictures from anywhere.

  3. You can use QR codes for all types of wedding pictures. So if your wedding picture theme is black and white, a QR code can provide extra information surrounding the theme. You can also add QR codes to old pictures, so you can dig out old pictures of you and your partner and add QR codes to them to give the pictures better description, caption, and timelessness.

  4. Adding a QR code to your pictures allows you to print the pictures anytime you want. So whenever you move to a new house of City, you can easily print your wedding pictures. This was, your wedding pictures stays with you wherever you go.

  5. Essentially, QR codes help you to give your wedding pictures the much-needed context and additional information that perfectly captures the moment and the story behind the picture. A picture is believed to tell a thousand stories and QR codes help you tell this story in a convenient, fun, and memorable way. QR codes are easy to generate and can be done from the comfort of your cell phone.

YouTalky is a website for QR code generation specifically made for pictures. We let you to add your favourite songs, videos, and memories to your wedding pictures. You can also add comments, links, and other memories in creating a perfect photo album for an unforgettable moment.

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