An excellent photographer already knows how to make pictures come alive. You capture your subject’s motion so that they pop up for the viewers. More than this, there is a trick that will definitely set the mood for your audience.

The simple art of adding audio to your photos will give you the power to control people’s emotions as they view your work. Adding audio to pictures makes them more than just a visual. YouTalky is a favourite app that can be used to add audio to pictures. It is simple to use, has high functionality and it is powerful.

How it works:

1.Record or add pre-recorded audio to your picture using your smartphone - you can add optional location and photo. It is an online tool; this means you will not need anything else apart from your phone to add the audio.

2.YouTalky, a picture to voice app, converts your pre-recorded or recorded audio into an MP3 QR audio code and displays it for you on the picture.

  1. You can then generate your enhanced photo with one click.

4.Print it and enjoy it for a lifetime!

Why Use YouTalky?

1.The results are automatic; You can add audio to photos and get the result automatically, the audio is stored in cloud and bound to a photo.

2.It is diverse; You can add just audio and you will have the QR code that you can put on any photo. You can optionally add more information like titles, links, location, and language.

  1. Supports multiple formats; You can add MP3 files. You can convert other formats and then add them to the pictures as well.

  2. You can record on the page itself 100% online without installing phone apps! Easy and fast to use; The whole process takes very little time. You don't need to be very tech-savvy to be able to use YouTalky. Besides, you don't need any editing skills also. It is completely hassle-free

5.It is an efficient online tool; It's an online tool so it works on any platform on any machine and device. Laptops, phones, and tablets, YouTalky allows you to take advantage of all potential customers. You will not be required to download or install anything. Your browser is just all it takes. It’s very simple and easy to get your content.

6.You can easily play audio when going through the pictures. It works on both digital (by use of URL) and print. By having the print option, the QR audio code, your users are given direct access to all your links.

Who is YouTalky created for?

Photographers: By adding audio to pictures, photographers can capture the actual mood of the moment and store it forever. This makes the experience 10 times better.

Musical artists: Using YouTalky, musicians can easily add audio clips to cover pictures for Twitter and Instagram album preview.

Marketing agencies: by adding audio to images, marketers can make promotional advertisements very fast using YouTalky.

Vloggers and __Show hosts_: once they have created their content, vloggers can add audios to portions of the videos and thumbnails that they want to post to their Facebook and Instagram stories to captivate their audience.

Influencers: influencers can use YouTalky to add audio clips to their pictures. They can explain where the picture was taken, what was happening, and what they were doing. This is a great way to entertain the audience even more.

Podcasters: as they are promoting their content on Instagram and other platforms, podcasters can use YouTalky to add voice over their pictures.

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