We enable people to store their audio memories

We have transformed ordinary pictures into vivid memories.

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Our story

It started from just idea of people writing their stories. We write but we lost so much by doing it. Emotions need voice. That is how the voice idea has started.

Pictures came later into play when death was involved. Long, lasting, vivid memories that can outlive us. If we live in someone elses mind than part of us is alive. One of the best way to stay alive now is through pictures that refresh our memories each time we look at them!

About us 02

2019 - 2021

The photoalbum I am creating has to last at least for a lifetime. If you want to join me, feel free! I will can tell you how to make your memories last for tens of years (up to 1100 years).

“I love the way of printing pictures. Now I can have the voice of my beloved onces in the very same album where I keep my photos. “
Iza ·

We invite you to try on your own. Take the responsability of picking 1 of thousands of your digital pictures and change it into a good memory!

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Check it out freely! Starting sooner will give you more memories - you won't regret it.