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The story

It all has started from just an idea of people writing their stories. We write but we lost so much by doing it. Emotions need voice. Pich, color, depth. Voice brings emotions. I like reading books and learning about the world. There is so much to tell, so many ideas to talk about. Good ideas can make our lifes better. One of the best way to share authentic ideas is through voice! Each voice memory can be commented by other people. Using your voice makes you real, makes you authentic and can tell a lot more about what you think. Where are the books you may ask?

The Books

Do you have books that you would like to share with others? You can now bind the real world with virtual one. On YouTalky you can obtain QR code for your books so that you can see where they travelled and who has read them. You can even listen to the people who took it! Each time someone scans the QR code on the book, it's location gets updated and you get notified.

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If you dream of something worth doing and then simply go to work on it and don't think anything of personalities, or emotional conflicts, or of money, or of family distractions; if you just think of, detail by detail, what you have to do next, it is wonderful dream even though the end is a long way off, for there are about five thousand steps to be taken before we realize it; and start making the first ten, and stay making twenty after, it is amazing how quickly you get through those five thousand steps.
Edwin Land · Genius Inventor

We invite you to try on your own. Take the responsability of picking 1 of thousands of your digital pictures and change it into a good memory! Is there a book that changed your mind? Add it and tell us why.

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