Open your library to the World !

Exchange books, make them unique by talking about paper copies, make use of your library!

Become a hero with the best library

Do you have a good taste in books? Have you finished reading them?

Grab what you remember of them and release them to others. Make reading cheaper.

Add review to your book!

Audio reviews & comments via QR code in your books! Let others know what you think of it.

Too many books?

Enhance your photos with memories and feelings attached to the back of your art pieces.

Too sentimental?

Don´t feel like getting rid of your books? Mark them as ready to be borrowed and give them in good hands.

Is it just you?

Select visibility of each memory when adding. Make it visible to only people with the link.

Or you are not alone?

Your memories can be commented by others. Share the link with your friends and family to harvest their memories.

We do care!

Your memories are the most important. Anything you need just drop us a message. Seriously - anything!

It is super easy

So how do You use YouTalky ?



Once you confirm your e-mail you can access the portal.


Make reviews and comment

Press microfon or file button - one click to record or add audio file.


Share books

You can see nearby books on the map and release your own

Start for free.

We are closing beta soon! All users that will register before that will later have accounts upgrated to Paid for free!

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For just about anybody to exlore!
  • Audio reviews
  • Commenting on reviews
  • Releasing books
  • World map with released books

Sounds like something interesting?

Check it out freely! Starting sooner will give you more memories - you won't regret it.